Gay Dating Tips

Tip number 1: Don’t set any expectations, as we always say, we usually get upset about something because we set so many expectations about that particular thing, and then we get upset when those expectations are not met. Setting any expectations the only thing that does, it’s to give you anxiety and be nervous and not enjoy the date itself. Just go there, enjoy with the guy and whatever happens happens. For example, I did not have any expectations about this guy at all. Actually, he just thought we were going to have and that’s it. And we didn’t. Tip number 2: Don’t force attraction. No Maripuris! Don’t do that because it’s for the same reason.

You are not going to be yourself. You are not going to enjoy the moment. You are going to be somewhere else and someone else you are not. I mean you can date Ricky Martin if you like. I would force the attraction to be honest with Ricky Martin. But If there is no chemistry with Ricky Martin, nothing is going to happen, and you are not going to be happy anyway. So why force it. [Singing in Spanish]. Before we dive in today’s video, we have some important announcements to make. We want to shout out the best YouTube comment left on last week’s video, thank you again for supporting us. You are amazing. If you are wondering how to get featured in our next video, you can either leave us a comment in this video or take a picture of this video and share it with your audience on your Instagram, just don’t forget to tag us.

And of course, if you haven’t clicked the subscribe button, please do it now and hit the notification bell. Tip number 3: check for similar values, no for similar likes or dislikes. I mean it’s very nice that you have similar interests to your date. We we like exactly the same things alright, but this is another story. I mean, you also have friends. If you want to go to a concert of your favourite singer and your boyfriend, your date does not like that particular singer, you can go with your friend, you don’t necessarily have to go with your boyfriend, with your date. The most important thing is that you have the same values, I mean that you respect each other, that you believe in truth (Yes), that you believe in freedom, or whatever you believe in or feel like it’s important for you, that is the most important thing to build a strong relationship like ours.

For example, if someone likes Britney Spears and the other one likes glee, that is not a problem. Who likes glee? Myself? For example, for Ricky and I, truth, freedom, respect, they are the most valuable things in life, in a person. Tip number 4: don’t look for your type. What is that? What is that? So, I mean. Why are we talking together? I don’t know. So, I know that everyone would love to be with Prince Charming.

Brad Pitt, ah Prince Charming. Or with Brad Pitt or with Ricky Martin, right? We’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t have any types. Before we met, our types were completely the opposite of what we are. So to be honest, in the end, it is just It doesn’t really matter, because beauty is inside. It’s so true, it’s so cheesy, but in the end, it’s very true. You know this guy is so ugly. So not appealing. What? I am joking. So be as open as possible, because the more open you are, the more possibilities you have to share and have experiences with people. Tip number 5: Surprise yourself. What this means, don’t put any pressure on yourself. Just let you be surprised by the moment, by the person, by yourself, by everything. Tips number 6: Video call your date before you meet him.

This is especially if you have never met, in person I mean, your date. It’s better to do a video call. Why? Because first of all, you can check if that person is actually the same as the profile picture that you saw, and secondly because that would help you to break the ice when you are going to meet him for the first time. Considering that you met this person on line, for example, or using an app or whatever. That didn’t happen to us because, of course, we met at work, but it happened to me before that. To me a few times as well, I am not going to lie. The two boyfriends that I had, I met them on Facebook, and actually, I think that video calls were not a thing at that time, I think that skype was there, but what I used to do was calling them and talk to them on the phone for a few hours, because I think that through the voice you can understand many things that you cannot understand via messages.

Video, always, just in case. Tip number 7: don’t go after anybody that is not interested in you, because it’s not going to work and you are going to suffer. That happened to me, not with a guy but with a girl. You kissed a girl, and you didn’t like it. I didn’t kiss her, I was in love with her. I was trying to get her in many ways. I was doing her homework when we were at school. And I was calling her. Hermiono Gronger. And, nope it didn’t work out. And I was so depressed at the end, so don’t do it. Nope. You know, but the thing is that many people think, or maybe if I push and push. Don’t push. You are wasting your time. But in the end, you know, none knows! But most of the time. Tip number 8: Be yourself (Show yourself). It’s so important to be yourself. (Always) You cannot lie at the beginning of a relationship, if you like something, or if you don’t like something.

If you…I don’t know, even on stupid things, like if he brings you to a restaurant that you don’t like or he is forcing you to eat meat, and you are vegan for example you know. So never, never lie to yourself. Be as true as possible. Tip number 9: Keep Yourself Safe. That is especially related if you are meeting someone that you have never met before. You need to make sure that you are safe. In which ways? Try not to meet that person in your house. Try to meet them in an open space with other people. Always tell a friend what you are going to do where you are going. And also never reveal so many things about you before you have met that person and you know that is a genuine person. Even during the first date, you know that I mean, where you live and things like that no, not necessary. You know that is time, so for the second, third, the forth, then you can start trusting the person but just be careful. Tip number 10: Trust yourself.

Trust always your feelings, that’s I think the best advice (your guts). That’s the best advice that I can give to myself. Because I always want to trust myself and I sometimes say no, but maybe And then it’s always wrong, so trust yourself. The more you rely on your instincts, the more you’re going to get the situations, you are going to create the atmosphere that you really like. We are all animals in the end, you know what I mean? And we are all about instincts. One beautiful thing, most of the animals, enjoy homosexuality, but there is just one, one that is homophobic.

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